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We bring the ultimate golf experience to you. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting started, our simulator provides a realistic and immersive golf experience.

  • Private Member Club

  • 24/7 Keypad Access

  • Mobile Booking App

  • Host Guest & Events

  • Trackman Technology

  • PGA Professionals

Technology Meets Luxury Club Facilities.

Unleash your golfing potential like never before with VTL Golf, the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts who crave both cutting-edge technology and a premium club experience. With our exclusive 7-day free trial, you can immerse yourself in the world of TrackMan technology and indulge in our state-of-the-art private club facilities, all designed to elevate your game to new heights.


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Indoor Golf Member Benefits

Mobile Booking

Mobile app for booking. 7 day booking window. Compete in online trackman events.

The Best Technology

Enjoy our putting green, state of the art equipment and constant upgrades.

Private Club Membership

Automated trackman simulators for ease of use. 24/7 access with member keycode.

Why Choose
VTL Golf?

Experience the future of golf with TrackMan, the industry's leading launch monitor and simulator system. Our cutting-edge technology provides precise data on ball flight, club speed, spin rate, and much more, giving you unprecedented insights to perfect your swing and improve your overall performance. Unleash your true potential and master every aspect of your game with TrackMan.


"Fun, clean, competitive and a new experience for indoor golf entertainment that compares to no other. I am enjoying meeting new members. It is a true golf experience without ever losing a ball! This is event hosting at it's finest. Whether its with friends, family or a business team building event, VTL Indoor Golf can accommodate. It's a new way to golf."

Powered by Trackman

When Technology Meets Passion

Our Trackman hardware combines two radars and one camera for zero doubt. That’s innovation. That’s better data. Better golf. More accuracy. And complete trust.
Golf Course Aerial Shot
Ball speed_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Ball Speed



Attack angle_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Attack Angle

Launch angle_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Launch Angle

Club speed_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Club Speed

Dynamic loft_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Dynamic Loft

Club path_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Club Path

Face angle_screen_1920x1080px.jpg

Face Angle


Your Free Session Experience

Access to TrackMan Technology

Enjoy unlimited use of our cutting-edge TrackMan systems during your trial period. Unlock the power of data-driven insights to revolutionize your swing, enhance your accuracy, and gain a competitive edge on the course.

Expert Guidance from Golf Professionals

Our team of skilled golf professionals is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Benefit from personalized instruction, tailored swing analysis, and expert advice to refine your technique and take your game to the next level.

Exclusive Club Amenities

Embrace the lifestyle of a true golf connoisseur as you explore our first-class amenities. From luxurious clubhouse lounges to top-tier dining options, you'll enjoy an immersive experience both on and off the course.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded golf enthusiasts and expand your professional network within our vibrant community. Share your passion for the game, exchange tips and tricks, and forge lasting relationships with fellow members who share your dedication to golf excellence.

Vaughan Location

Milton Location



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